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Pro Down Chain Diagonal Down Marker

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Pro Down Chain Diagonal Down Marker

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Players, coaches and fans will easily be able to see this Pro Down Collegiate Football Chain Set and Down Indicator to know how far the offense has to go for a first down. With a bull's-eye design and three-color banners on the chain set and two-color numbers on the down indicator, everyone can tell if it's first-and-10 or fourth-and-inches. Built to last all season long, the galvanized steel chain withstands rigorous play on the gridiron while giving an accurate measurement to help coaches select their next play. 10-yard galvanized steel chain withstands rugged use and delivers accurate officiating. 8 ft. high chain set with a bull's-eye design and three-color banners for high visibility. 7.33 ft. flip-style down indicator with 11 in. two-color numbers for readability from across the field.


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