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Schutt Vengeance PRO LTD

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Schutt Vengeance PRO LTD
Schutt Vengeance PRO LTD

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Schutt Vengeance PRO LTD. The TPU Cushioning contains durometers that are specifically designed to absorb both high-velocity and low-velocity impacts, which is very important for your safety. This helmet is one of the very best helmets on the markets. 


Important: Please note that Facemasks are not included with the purchase of helmets, but a chin strap is included.


After you have bought your new helmet you will have to use a Schutt helmet pump, to pump the inflation bulb. You can buy a Schutt helmet pump and Glycerin in our webshop, which you will have to use... Or maybe you can borrow this from your team.


Schutt helmet size chart

Get help to your Helmet

Press play on the video to get instructions on meassurement and fitting.


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